Posted: December 19, 2013 in The Juice

TB Joshua a popular Nigerian evangelist was at it again….. a couple of months ago the self proclaimed prophet said that an East African president would be abducted by terrorists.If these words would have been uttered by any tom dick and harry claiming that he was a man of God that information would have been dismissed even by the likes of me an up and coming blogger but this is not any tom dick and harry…. should i add Mary to the phrase as well? a little humor to wet your tongue.
This particular prophecy was distorted by the internets, prompting his ministry to release this statement.

This is an official message from Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN. There are distorted rumors spreading on the internet concerning T.B. Joshua’s prophecy this past Sunday. Rumors are saying that the man of God said that an East African country will soon be kidnapped by terrorists and that a night club would be blown up. Do not listen to the father of lies.

These are not the words used by the prophet. Prophet T.B. Joshua specifically asked journalists not to misquote his prophecy.
He said that he saw a leader being captured. The prophet instructed the people of God to fast and pray on Wednesday and Thursday. He said Wednesday and Thursday had nothing to do with what was going to happen, but the people of God should fast and pray on those days. He also told the congregation that he will stay in an attitude of prayer for the country concerned, so that God might subdue this coming evil to a mere sign.


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